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Micro-Schools ®


Education is an essential tool of communication, growth and survival, and as we see today, because of war and corruption, generations of children are being deprived from this basic right. After a thorough study of this issue, looking at statistics and case studies, we have found that creating smaller education environments providing basic knowledge, essential self-values and important life skills, and located in neighborhoods, would be a smart solution, we called it Micro-schools, to tackle this problem. Micro-Schools is an initiative developed by our dedicated team to help provide basic life skills and education to children in refugee camps. They are located in close premises to students’ homes, which provides a sense of security to the students and their families. This initiative aims to encourage independent learning, improves the quality of students’ lives and secure a future for them. Micro-schools are, basically, one classroom, multi-level, portable and neighborhood oriented, which serves 20-30 students/school, across different ages and educational levels. This kind of environment allows students to interact with older and younger peers, which provides them with social skills and teaches them practical skills to assist them professionally. The range of social relationships students build in a multilevel classroom resemble the diverse social situations individuals encounter in workplaces, communities, and families. The sense of security and relevance of curriculum will help to have continuous attendance by students and a sense of belonging to their neighborhood school.