Dr. Fatima AlBalooshi

Dr. Fatima AlBalooshi



What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

Through my role as Project Coordinator at the Bahrain Trust, my ambition is to redouble our efforts to achieve justice, humanity, growth and prosperity around the world, by integrating and crystallizing projects within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better future in which all efforts unite until 2030.


BTF has supported to the maximum Bahrain Polytechnic and especially the School of Engineering Students in order to provide them various opportunities for their academic and professional development. Further projects are expected to be co-developed in the near future.

Dr. Christina, Bahrain Polytechnic

One of the greatest and most beautiful experiences I have ever had, from the beautiful spirit of volunteers and staff at the Bahrain Trust, and everybody is trying to give everyone a chance to enjoy the joy and benefit of the children care


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