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Water Fountain ®


The World Health Organization of the United Nations estimates 3.575 million people die each year from water related disease, and in Africa alone 358 million without water access . Many countries throughout the world, not just third world countries, have inadequate water treatment facilities, or a complete lack of treatment facilities. It is becoming clear that new technologies are needed to provide sustainable sources of water.

At any given time, it is estimated that the earth’s atmosphere contains approximately 3.4 quadrillion (or 3400 trillion) US gallons of water in vapor form*. This may sound like a lot, but compared to the earth’s total watershed it represents approximately 0.001%. The key is that the water in the atmosphere regenerates as a form of recycling of the earth’s oceans and fresh ground water. Therefore, so long as there is water on earth, there will be water in the atmosphere. We don’t need to be concerned with the quality or type of ground water sources that are evaporating because only H2O molecules end up as vapor. For the rest of the world the vapor is mostly clean. The condensation process produces natural condensed H2O. In BTF we believe in smart technology to provide water which can be sustainable and moves with the people in remote and dry areas. We want to provide each family with such machines instead of digging wells. These machines can run with solar cells that provides sustainable energy.